House & Land Packages, Perth

When it comes to house and land packages, we are the experts.

We have perfected the process according to you for you, the client.

Getting you into a home you want, in an area that you want to live in is our forte.

Our aim is to do all the hard work for you, placing you with a builder that meets your budget and requirements while handling all the boring stuff like getting your finance approved and in order.

Moore Housing has long-standing networks with major land developers, real estate agents, and private land investors, and we know them on a personal level which is why we are able to offer you the best package in a suburb that best suits your lifestyle.

Unlike other builders, we can build ANYWHERE in Perth, we won’t force you into an undesirable low growth area, just because it is the most affordable for you.

With every house and land package, our in-house specialised, licensed finance broker can help you create your dream with a wide range of finance options.

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